Speed Remit Money Transfer System

Speed Remit Money Transfer a global money transfer company has been acquired by Mint Finance Increcently.With the present change in the ownership, Speed Remit has re-worked its strategy to move aggressively forward by expanding its network to reach out to every corner of the world.Along with our parent company MINT, Speed Remit is planning to develop strong relationship with our agent partners by maximizing the strengths of both our companies.Speed Remit Worldwide Ltd is a UK based Money Transfer Company,licensed under HMRC since 2004, and regulated by FSA ( Financial Services Authority), having its corporate office in United Kingdom. Speed Remit has11 offices in other countries covering 5 continents.

Presently a network of 60,000+paymentpoints across 95+ countries with over 2 Million happy customers. Speed Remit is one of few companies in this industry to achieve this in such a short span of time. The Company is exploring the business opportunities in Asia, Europe, South & North Americas, Africa and Asia Pacific to set up own ventures either independently or in collaboration with Domestic Companies.The Company has acquired the SWIFT membership to take the Money Transfer Business to higher levels.

And recently tied up with one of the leading Mobile Service Providers for Mobile Money Transfer facility.Both ventures are high on technology requiring specialized platforms to execute the Money Transfer Process.Compared to many other service providers, Speed Remit charges are low and service remains competitive to the leading players in the industry. ie, Philippine – Our charges starts from AED 18.00 NO BACK END DEDUCTION (from UAE), beneficiaries can receive the full
amount sent.

Speed RemitNetworks:

– BANGLADESH – With our own Customer Service center in Bangladesh, Speed Remit service is one of the best to this part of the world as compared to our competitors.
– PAKISTAN – Speed Remit also has its Customer Service Center in Pakistan to provide assistance to our Customers and ensure timely transfers of funds to our beneficiaries.
– AFRICA – Our presence in more than 25 countries in African continent has no contrast to our competitors.

With our strong global presence of over 95 countries, our agent partners also enjoy quite a lot of inward remittances.
Earnings from these remittances are quite high.

As part of its diversification plans, Speed Remit has ventured into following areas to offer a basket of services to its customers:
• Home Remittance
– Cash Pick Up
– Credit to Any Bank
– Door To Door Delivery (Draft /Cash)
• Commercial Remittance (SWIFT)
• We facilitate commercial TT’s for business organizations through our
product FAST REMIT.
• Payments can be made in US$, GBP and Euro..
• International Mobile Top Up
– Mobile Top Up’s are available to over 100 countries through Speed Remit system

• Third Party Bill Payments
• Customers can now pay their bills through Speed Remit system as
well.ie, India-Shaadi.com, Philippines – SSS, PAGIBIG, Phil Health..
• Wages Protection System (WPS)
• We work as a lead generator for WPS and Card programs for one our
affiliate organizations. If our agents have any requirements on Payroll
solutions Speed Remit can help them get the best solution.
• Mobile Money Transfer*
Online Money Transfer*